Saturday, April 30, 2011

Heal the Bay!

It has taken me a long time to post, but I'm finally ready. As everyone else said, it was really hot at the beach that day. When we first showed up I looked at all the trash in the parking lot and I thought "Wow...we've got lots to do," but by the end of the clean-up I was having a hard time finding any trash! That's when I knew we had done a good job. It was great to see my students and Lollie Ragana's class all working so hard. I only got to collect one bag, butI did find a plastic sandal. Whenever I go to a clean up I seem to find one shoe--maybe I should start saving them and trying to find pairs! I was also really happy to see my friends Iris and Yolanda made it to the beach. I also really love the plastic turtle someone found and gave to me. I keep him with my turtle collection to remind me that turtles are great, but plastic turtles on the beach are trash (and real sea turtles have lots of problems from plastic). The whole time I was cleaning I kept thinking about Dave from Algalita. When he talked to us about plastic in the ocean he showed us his red plastic bottle cap--and I just kept finding them! It helped me remember that this wasn't just about having fun at the beach, but about something really important. Today we cleaned the L. A. River, and I hope it doesn't take me so long to get the next post up. Thanks to all the students who came out to Dockweiler Beach. You did a great job!

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