Monday, October 28, 2013

(Picture frame made with newspaper
& trash I found cleaning my neighborhood)

                                   Cleaning my community

I never imagined that doing a little I could contribute with my community. On Tuesday afternoon, after coming from my classes I asked my mom to go with me to clean a park that was close our home, but she suggested me to clean the streets that were near my house. I though that is was a good idea, and both of us started cleaning. I was amazed with the amount of trash that I found. It made me realize that I did not have to go that far to help my community, and contribute with the environment. While I was cleaning, I felt sad because we are the ones destroying our Earth. I found a lot of wrappers, bags, and even shoes. One of the saddest part for me was when I saw the sign of "Drain to Ocean" and next to it was a big amount of trash. It made me think about what David, the speaker of Heal The Bay shared with us. He talked about the consequences of the trash that will end up in our oceans, and will affect the lives of our animals. For my art project I gathered newspaper and a couple of wrappers and some boxes. I came up with the idea to do a picture frame because my mom is one of those persons who likes to have the house full of pictures, and well since she helped me out I thought it would be nice of me to make her a picture frame with the things I picked up, and wa-la she liked it.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hello, my name is Vanessa Vazquez. I am a student from Professor Jenny Hicks English 95 class. On October 20th I participated in Heal the Bay and helped clean up Dockweiler Beach. It was my first time cleaning up a beach and my first time at a beach in Los Angeles. For my first time cleaning up a beach it was not that trashed as I expected or maybe it was because I had arrived late and everyone had cleaned up most of the trash already. I encountered small pieces of trash for trash such as bottle caps, ripped Styrofoam plates, pieces of coal, and cigarette buds. I even found a full and new water bottle buried in the sand and I thought to myself what a waste. . The reason behind why I found this types of trash was because there were a lot of fire pits where most likely families gathered and left such trash behind. As I walked more down I encountered a sewer and I felt grossed out because it was so filthy with mold and a plastic SOLO cup, plastic bags, and a potato chip bag. There were even poor seagulls that were walking around it, most likely searching for food. This made me realize the damage we do to our environment and especially animals because sometimes end up eating the trash we leave behind and get sick and sometimes end up dying. This experience is one of the experiences everyone should experience to not only help out our environment but, to be more aware of the harm we are doing to our environment. I believe seeing is believing and until people do not see the damages we are doing to our environment then they will never react and help keep it clean from pollution. Overall, I enjoyed helping clean up the beach it was better than I expected because I made new friends and it felt good to do something for our environment that we take for granted.

Dockweiler Beach Clean Up

Hello my name is Kimberly Escobar and I'm in Professor Jenny Hick's English 95 class. I had the opportunity like many other CSULA students to participate in the Heal the Bay program to help clean Dockweiler Beach. It was my first time there and it will definitely not be the last time I go there. I have always gone to Santa Monica Beach or Venice Beach, which I think is nothing compared to this beach. Dockweiler Beach isn’t as trashed as the other two beaches are and everything there is just calm and beautiful. I'm really glad I went, because I met some new friends that were really nice and friendly when I was lost. Since we parked in the wrong parking lot we had to walk a long distance to where the event was being held. We were given plastic bags, gloves, and a paper with a checklist to check the objects we would find. In our way we began to pick up the trash we would find such as cigarettes buds, beer caps, diapers, plastic bottles, Styrofoam, a plastic shovel, candy wrappers, chip bags, etc. Although this may seem like a lot I didn't consider it as much as the other two beaches I mentioned. I'm really happy that we got as much trash as possible from getting into the ocean to save the animals. We made a huge difference to our environment and this experience overall was just great and I would definitely want to relive it again.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dockweiler Beach Clean Up

Hello my name is Angela Ramos and I'm in Ms. Hernandez Engl 095 class. On Sunday, October 22 we had the opportunity to help the enviorment by cleaning Dockweiler Beach. At first the idea of waking up early on a Sunday morning to go clean the beach sound horrible, but once we were finished it actually felt good. I had a good time and got to interact with some of my classmates. At the same time we were picking up trash we were enjoying the beach. At first it was kind of foggy, but it cleared and you could just feel a nice breeze. We pick up a couple of bottle caps, cigrette butts, and bottles. Even though these items were small it still made a difference because we prevented them from going into the ocean. Overall, it was a good experience and we got to learn from it. Do not litter!!!

Heal the Bay

Hello my name is Antonio Guerra Jr and I'm in Professors Hernandez English 095 class. On Sunday Oct 20, I spent my morning time at Dockweiler beach to clean up the trash other people who visit the beach left in the sand and may end up in the Ocean that any animal may eat and die. When I was arriving to the beach I felt that breeze, and nice morning with no traffic, until i got to the beach the bike event killed it for me because I had to walk a long distance to get were the group was meeting at. But, after I was cleaning the beach I end up talking to people I didn't know and picking up things that may harm the animals who live in the ocean I felt good because I end up saving wildlife. After, the cleaning was over I stayed for a while and ended up seeing some Dolphins, and seals but I wasn't able to get the picture because a wave ruined it for me almost drop my phone in the ocean.  But, I really had a good time there hope we could do it again one day ill participate to give back to the community were I grew up in. 

Dock Weiler clean up

Our mission on October 20th was to clean Dock Weiler beach. The day was foggy and cold. What made it hard to get to my destination was the bike event held on Dock Weiler but I manage to get there on time. I signed up got in a group. I couldn't find a glove of my size, so I had to hold the bag. Found some common trash; for example, cigarette buds and styrofoam. I also found unusual trash; for instance, glow sticks, some vacuum tube like-, and metal. Dock Weiler wasn't entirely dirty. Looking in to the distance of the ocean felt peaceful and the kinds of birds enhanced the feeling, but the constant airplanes taking off ruined the moment.Cleaning up the beach gave me a warm feeling inside, knowing that we saved the birds and fished that would of had ate all the trash and could of possibly died. It makes me want to join more volunteer work that involves cleaning. It made me realize that we can make a difference to the world.

Clean Up "Dockweiler Beach"

I have seen that it has a sewage plant close to the beach. Then  I have started to walk to the beach with a group of my friend.
At first, was had gone straight to the ocean but we couldn't find much trash. Then we went around the bonfire pits. There's a lot of ash and trash everywhere. We have gotten some candies wrap, plastic, tissues, Styrofoam, bottle caps and cigarette butts.
I wonder that it is because Dockweiler beach do have a bonfire pits, so people like to come to celebrate and picnic. People who had brought foods when they were left, they didn't clean up well. So, when we picked one out during the day we found wooden stick, bandage, bottles, and all kinds of weird things buried in the sand.
Most people don't be aware that all the trash that they have left. It will affect and cause us people. And also the other living life. For examples, fishes, sea turtles, dolphin, seal, shark, or many others animal that live under the ocean. Because they might not know that if they can eat a trash or not, they believe that is a food. Then those trashes that they have eaten wouldn't digest and later they'll die.

Heal The Bay at Dockweiler Beach

Hello my name is Christopher Luengas and I'm currently enrolled in Professor Ximena Hernandez's English 095 class. On Sunday, October 20, 2013, my fellow classmates and I participated in a beach clean up event at Dockweiler Beach. As I arrived, there was a nice breeze all along the beach in all sorts of directions which felt very nice and calmed. However, the only thing that threw everything off was the bike event that was happening at the same time but we all managed to find our way and to find our supervisors. I had a tremendous experience there, knowing the fact that I saved not just one animal life but so many in general. Throughout the beach, there was so many things that we have picked up but mostly items that people do not pick over themselves. These items can kill so many sea life out there it is important that we need pick up ourselves and to clean up our environment frequently. After leaving the event, I felt really good inside that I saved many lives and I'm willing to participate in these events to give back to the community that I basically grew up in. Thanks you.

heal the bay

so on sunday oct 20th 2013 i had to go to dockweiler beach for the heal the bay event.It all started with a 30 minute ride to Dockweiler Beach turn into an hour long trek due to unforeseen circumstances like my dad's stubborness and a triathlon that made it even worse. Once I finally got there Daniel and his group told me to find Professor Hernandez. She the proceeded to hand me out my tools for the day which were, gloves, tally sheet, and a pencil to jot down the trash i encountered. Once familiar with my task I went to meet my group so that we could start our scavenge for trash. I found the ubiquitous boot that always seems to be in cahoots with the beach as well as plastic bottles and soda cans. Then I went on to find more unorthodox objects, such as half a whole watermelon, pair of socks (probably belong to the boot),and a metal bar. As I went on throughout the day I came to realize how messy we humans are and how we dont reciprocate the care nature gives us. I almost got sad but then I realized what I was doing and felt good about myself since I was doing something about it. I guess small change is better than no change.

(Ms.Hernandez) Heal the Bay-Dockweiler Beach

October 20, 2013
Heal The Bay🌊~Beach Clean-Up

  The breeze felt cold against my skin when I got off the car. I had never participated on a beach clean-up so I was really looking forward to the experience. I had came to Dockweiler Beach every now and then, but never really looked or realized how much trash one can find when you're actually trying to see what is right in front of your eyes!

  I was astonished when we found this gap between the hill we climbed, it resembled a sewers. However, I was very unsure of what it was. Inside was so much trash! It made me feel so bad for all the living things on this Earth. My group and I, tried but could not get the trash inside there because it looked pretty dangerous to try and reach out and grab it. But, we picked up the trash around there and we found so many things. Plastic bags, Styrofoam cups, plastic cups, bottle caps, etc. The trash just kept piling up.

  Later on, I found out that the time we spent cleaning really does make a huge difference. I learned new things about how birds get affected when they eat plastic. Did you know, that when a bird eats the trash we leave behind there stomach tells them they aren't hungry? This leads them to believe that they have full bellies, because they aren't able to digest plastic. Later, this becomes the reason they are faced with malnutrition, and eventually die. We really need to be more conscious of how animals get hurt, and try to make this world a better place.

Overall, I really enjoyed taking away a few hours of my beauty sleep to go, and clean the beach. It was a great experience, and I met really nice people. I do see myself volunteering more often for such a great cause! 😊

Beach Clean Up

Hello my name is Arturo Ceja. I'm currently enrolled in Professor Jennifer Hicks English 95 class. On October 20, 2013 we went to Dockwieler Beach for a service learning assignment, which consisted of us volunteering with Heal The Bay to clean the beach. As I was arriving to the beach I was confused with all the commotion that was going on with the bikers. As I walked from the parking lot to where we all met  I didn’t really pay attention to the trash. When we were assigned a bag and gloves I thought this is a big bad, I didn’t notice any trash, as me and my partner began to walk threw the beach I began to realize that the beach was full of trash. We filled up our bag completely not only us but other groups around us too. It was a fun experience and it felt good knowing that we saved a lot of fishes and other animals that live in the beaches lives. I would not mind volunteering with Heal The Bay again and doing the environment a favor.

Beach cleanup

Hi, my name is Monica orozco and I am in ms.X. Hernandez and I gone to the beach clean up on Sunday morning. The beach clean was fun towards the end when we started to play football with my friends. However during the beach cleanup I enjoyed picking up trash so it can make the environment cleaner. Although I didn't like to touch trash that didn't belong to me or that the trash was opened and already used. I enjoyed cleaning up the beach because it involved saving a bird or saving someone from tripping over a piece of glass that I had picked up.

Nature at its best

My name is Luis Bobadilla, I'm a freshmen at CSULA and my instructor for English 95 is Mrs. Hernandez. My experience at Dockweiler Beach was amazing had fun hanging out with my friends and having to clean up the beach. This was my first time doing a clean up and also going to Dockweiler Beach. Some cons about having to go to the beach were sand going inside places, the weather was cold and the noise due to the airport next to the beach. Overall the experience was fun except for me and my friend having to wait for her boyfriend to come for us in order to go home. 

Beach Clean

Hello my name is Yihao Zhou. I am one of the student from English 95 class. The dockweiler beach location is not a easy task to be clean as the other beach. There is LAX on the east side and a big factory at the south side, talk about the airport there is air pollution badly at that place also when plane fly over there is aways huge noise. talking about that factory i dont see sunshine duing the whole time when i was there, all i see is 2 of those chimney produce  white gas to our blue sky. over all we did make the beach more clean and i am so glade i can be one part of this event. Hope there is more of this in this year!!!

Beach Clean Up

Hi everyone :)
My name is Nancy Clark and I am one of Mrs. Hernandez students. I got the chance to experience how it felt to clean a beach. Finding all the different trash shows how filthy are beaches can get, and how it harms the animals around the beaches. Especially the seagulls that eat everything. Our group found a lot of plastic. Which seagulls confuse that thinking it is food. They eat the plastic and it gets them sick and leads to starvation causing them to die. Even though we did not get to clean the whole beach we got to pick up some trash and still be able to help.Which made me feel happy I got to help the environment. Even by picking up a little piece of plastic can save on animal. It made me realize we all can do something about it is just taking the action. I got to enjoy nature but also helping it. This was a great experience and made me want to clean more beaches. Just knowing now that even a little rapper can make a change in the environment.

Dockweiler beach

Hello, I am a student in Mrs. Hernandez class of English 095. First of all, I like the idea of adopting the beach. I went to the Dockweiler beach on Sunday morning; I saw few people wondering around also saw a lot of garbage scattered around the beach. To be fair, it wasn’t that bad, the beach was fairly clean. Thanks for the people who work there and to CSULA. There were many objects left behind, people placed some of them there intentionally. Also, to be honest, there was many objects lying there and it did not seem to me the best choice to remove it. Anyhow, I am glad that I went to the beach and tried to help cleaning it. 
Hello ladies and gentleman my name is Lorenzo Ruedas. Im in Ms. Hernandez english class. Im here to talk about my experience at Dockweiler beach. Well first of all i had a great time cleaning up and making the world a better place. We did a good thing and i hope everyone of you feels good about it. The weather was nice it didnt rain or it wasnt to hot. It was the perfect weather to clean up the beach. I saw a dolphin in the beach i thought that was pretty cool, i've never seen one that close. My group and I went our own way looking for trash and we picked it up and put it on the bag. When the bag got full we went back to were we met. I think we did a good job and I would like to do it again since its good for our planet. We have to keep our world clean and the little things we do to help it matters a lot.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hello my name is Anakaren Torralba
Now on Sunday we had a trip to Dockwieler Beach we had a great time cleaning thd beach. Now the interesting part was the clean we went to go do. We saw a alot of from diaper, tissues, leftovers of anything people tried to burn things.
Now at the beach apart from the enjoyment of being at the beach, we had to go clean the beach, we had to take the time out of out day. That meant tht maybe we couldnt change the how people did thier stufd, but we could change by cleaning up our community. 
Now at the beach it was fun with my friends, we got in a point to wear we even fought over the trash we saw, so at the end the clean up was very interesting

Beach Clean Up at Dockweiler Beach

Hello, my name is Joshua Moreno from Ximena Hernandez class, English 95. 

I had gone to Dockweiler Beach on Sunday to help my school and classmates clean up a beach. When I arrived I had arrived with Pinman (Frieda) Zhang. We were slightly lost at first but were redirected by a beach worker at a parking lot. he directed us to my teacher and then proceeded to the instructions we were given. I was pared up with Frieda and Angela who had also recently arrived when we got there. We set off to pick up all the trash we saw. We mostly picked up small trash but it would eventually build up to a big quantity of trash filled with mostly cigarette buds and plastic wrappers and bottle caps. There was a point were we had stumbled upon somewhat of a rocky walk way. I walked up the rock way (As you can see in the picture above) and tired to pick up some trash but got slightly scared because the rocks were too slippery to even stand on for long. We would walk around a little more picking up trash while still admiring the beach and thinking to my self "You know, we are really actually making a difference because actually picking up one cigarette bud can actually save an animals life who might mistake it for food". Overall I enjoyed my trip to the beach and actually won't mind coming back here again.

dock weiler beach hello my name is haydee alvarenga and I'm in Ms. Hernandez english 95 class. The experience was great I enjoyed cleaning and helping the animals by not eating the trash we sometimes don't through in the trash cans. I feel that I did something good for the environment. I found baby wipes, cigarette buds, and too many plastic pieces. This is a good experience for people to understand that by not throwing the trash where its suppose to go we are contaminating our environment. We should do this again it was fun.

Hi everyone, my name is Katherine enrolled in Jenny Hick's English class in CSULA. Recently, our class had a field trip to Dockweiler beach to help the environment by cleaning the area as much as we can. I was really looking forward to putting some effort to heal the environment, even if it meant to get up really early on a Sunday morning. Once I got to the beach, I noticed that it wasn't crowded, just a few joggers and the morning mist covered the sky. The short waves and the distant ocean view was definitely a scenic outlook that was worth taking a picture. This beach was far from the over-populated areas of L.A. which meant, less litter. Our cleanup has begun and I almost felt like a hero being able to reduce the amount of deadly trash being sucked into the ocean. I thought to myself, for every piece of trash we picked up, another life is saved. My group alone may not have filled up 2 or more bags of trash, but in the end, a little goes a long way and I believe we've made a difference the innocent wildlife in our Pacific.
Hello My Name is Christine Bravo and I am in English 95 with Professor Ximena Hernandez. This past weekend my school CSULA adopted a beach named Dockweiler Beach, which was a day at the beach for students and teachers to volunteer and clean up it . This was actually my first time ever cleaning another place besides my room and it felt really good to do it. Getting the opportunity to clean a place of nature was unforgettable and a great experience because you know you are helping others besides yourself. Seeing all the trash people leave at the beach was very heartbreaking to me. People need to learn how to throw their trash away and be considerate of others most importantly to the animals. Animals can be endangered because of this trash on the beach and eventually the trash on the sand will end up in the water and can kill the animals we love the most. Getting to the beach was a bit frustrating for me because i didn't wanna get lost and the weather was a bit gloomy, but by the end of the day I got to get out of my house for a few hours and do something productive to the world and nature cleaning up the beach.

Hello my name is Joseph Perez and I am in professor Hicks' english 95 class. This past Sunday October 20 we the students of CSULA went to Dockweiler beach and helped out by cleaning it up. This was my first time ever doing anything like this and it wont be my last either. Being able to help so many animals from birds to dolphins, is just an amazing feeling that you feel. When we were picking, up the trash we went into groups and spread out throughout the beach so that all of us can help. While we were picking up the trash we were taking note of all the different kinds of trash that we picked up. Me and my partner Arturo picked up many types of trash from bottle caps, bags of chips, candy wrappers, clothes, and hundreds of cigarette buds. This experience made me realize that we the people can do so much change if we work together and  the effort we put in. Overall is was a really great experience that I would love to do again.

Heal The Bay

Hello! My name is Heidi Cubillos and I am from Professor Hicks class. on October 24, I had the opportunity to be able to participate in heal the bay to clean up the Dock Weiler beach that csula adopted. This was my first time ever participating in something like this. Although I was sleepy, it was fun but at the same time it made me realize a lot. With the group I was with, we found a lot of trash and I was shocked at some things we found. We found cigarette buds, bottle caps, candy/chocolate wrappers, band aids, a bunch of tissue paper and plastic. The most weirdest thing, to me, that we found was a dryer sheet. How in the world did THAT get there? I can only imagine. As time passed by I didn't notice that our trash big was about half full. This made me realize that the smallest things are what make up the biggest mess. I also noticed that the majority of trash we found was near the trash bins that are on the beach. I guess that just goes to show that people are lazy to pick up something that didn't make it into the trash bin; which is sad. It shows that we don't consider the lives of the creatures that live on that beach and the ocean. I'm glad I got to help out and do my part in keeping the beach clean because even if it was just for an hour of cleaning, it can still make a difference in helping the beach be a bit cleaner not just for us (because it really isn't for us) but for the living animals because it is there home.

cleaning the shores of dockweiler beach!

Hello my name is Danny Rivas. For my English 95 class our professor Mrs. Ximena Hernandez, gave us an assignment to go to Dockweiler beach and clean up the shores. Honestly I was quite excited because i never had gone to Dockweiler beach and its was my first time cleaning the beach! When i arrived to the beach there were other groups already cleaning the beach, and i looked around to see for trash. you could find lots of plastic, and other sort of thrash. We found a sewer line that was full of dirty thrash, it was gross. the water around looked so dirty and contaminated. The worst part of all were the sea gulls actually bathing in it! It felt really right to clean up the beach because the animals don't deserve such cruelty that they aren't aware of. The activity was for a good cause, and i learned that as long as there are programs like these were people help clean the beaches, there is hope for the environment to be cleaner, and for animals not to suffer.

That is the sewer line we saw, with the dirty water and thrash.
That is the bird i took a picture of that was bathing in the dirty water,if you look closely his feathers are black or dirty, and covered in filth from the water.

cleaning with the birds
My name is Carlos Ruvalcaba i am a freshman and this is my second time doing a beach clean up. i can honestly say this beach clean up was a lot better simply because we were college students being independent and not being put in groups or followed by high school teachers. it felt nice cleaning up the beach from all the dirty trash. i found socks, chip bags, and even a toy car. i really enjoyed the nice gloomy weather and it was a good experience.i learned to start to pick up after myself and take the trash where its suppose to go.. in the trash can.

Hey Y'all!
                My name is Beatriz Cuevas (first from left) and I'm in professor X. Hernandez English 95 class. Cal State LA teamed up with Heal the Bay and adopted Dockwieler Beach to do a clean-up project. Our goal was to pick-up any trash that was left behind so it wouldn't wash off to the beach and harm any animals. However, since Heal the Bay adopted the beach they often go clean it up therefore when we visited Dockwieler it wasn't so filthy as we expected but we did find some interesting things people left behind. Some of the things were cigarettes, hot sauce, glass, socks,  and a whole bunch bubble gum wrappers (maybe not that interesting). One thing i learned from this experience is that you're not only helping the community but you're saving an animal life. This experience was wonderful and i would like to repeat this. Let's start HELPING!

Where Water Meets Sand

Hello fellow bloggers. My name is Ayne Nieto. Im in Ms. Hernandez's English 95 class. This recent sunday which was October 20th I spent some time out of my day to clean the beach and boy let me tell you it was such a great was to see how bad we are harming the ocean.
There was so much trash washed up on the beach. Seeing that was like an eye opener like "WOW" what are we doing to our planet. Just filling up one bag of trash that is on the beach made me feel better like you know its a small step but its few less pieces of trash of the beach.

Heal the Bay!

Hi, my name is Daisy Calzada, and on October 20th 2013, I participated in a heal the bay cleanup at Dock Weiler Beach. It was a great experience. Being able to be part of a change, and helping all the animals that live by the ocean, and even ourselves. It was just sad to see that the beach provides itself with so many trash cans but yet us humans are lazy to dispose of the trash properly. It just made me realize how little we care about our nature. We have to learn how to clean up after ourselves and not just expect that volunteers would do it for us all the time. Most of the trash me and my group found came from the hills near the road. Believe it or not all that trash people throw out the windows of their car, or toss on the floor while walking, or even accidentally drop trash but is too lazy to pick it up, ends up at the beach. So even if you don't liter the beach you are still causing trash because the trash out in the streets is carried to the beach. While walking on the side of the road my group and I found like a hole that contained all sorts of garbage, we were disappointed that we couldn't clean it out, because maybe someday all that trash would end up on the beach as well. I believe this was a great and experience and I wouldn't mind to do volunteer work once again, it feels nice to be part of a change even if it's a minor change.

Dockweiler Beach Clean Up

My name is Hayblu Htee and I am a student from Mrs. Ximena Hernandez class. From the picture, I am the one in the middle next to my friend Nancy with the white sweater. On October 20, 2013, the whole entire class had a field trip to Dockweiler for beach cleanup. Before the cleanup day, I researched the place to obtain knowledge of how the place perform in order knows what to except form it. According to my researches the place looked acceptable and clean but when I finally get to the destination, there were feathers everywhere. I did not except there will so many feathers on the sand and plastic bags on the hill side. My teammate and I collected so much plastic bags because we actually departed from the beach and went to the hill side where no other team goes. First, we were not accepting that there will be many trashes around the hill side because not many people go there. But, there were many Hot Cheetos bags and other plastic bags under the brushed. It was a pleasure to clean that area up because we saw seagulls eating plastic bags. I felt like it was the biggest thing I even down to help save the environmental because plastic are not food. I have no idea of how many seagulls were starve by having plastic because they cannot figure out what they were eating. They thought they were eating foods but they were actually swallowing trash into their system. By removing trash away from them is the easier thing that anyone can do in order to protect them from starvation. Cleaning up the beach was fun for me because I get to meet and to interact with more people form my class. It was also my first college field trip and it will always be rememberable to me. 

A new experience

Hello everyone I'm vincent from ms.Hernandez class and this was a whole new experience. After the clean up the beach looked beautiful and amazing.  I had a fun time cleaning it was not hard to help out. The nature of Los Angeles can show its beauty. If I could do it I'm pretty sure others can do it. I learn from this experience that having to clean up the beach shows how easy it is to help out.

Hello my name is Mayra. I'm in English 95 and my teacher is Ximena Hernandez. When we went to clean the Dockweiler Beach it felt really good because it made me feel that we help a lot of wild animals in the water. We found plastic bags , pointy sticks , a lot of cigarette buds , caps , baby wipes , and other things. I also noticed that it didn't look trashy when you arrive but if you look in certain places it was trashy. I really liked this experience.
Hello guys my name is Arturo Gutierrez and I am a student of Ms. Hernandez. On Sunday morning we visited Dockweiler Beach to do some clean up with Heal the Bay. Even though it was very hard to find the Dockweiler Beach I got there on time. The beach looked really nice in the morning it was really cloudy. I was so glad that it was not sunny. After waiting for students to show up we started to clean. My friends and I got a bag and latex gloves. We did a really good job because we pick up a lot of trash. I began to think on why people are so lazy because I notice that there were a lot of garbage cans. We picked up plastic bags, foam plates and cups, balloons, cans, plastic bottles, glow sticks, straws, socks, and a lot of pieces of foam. Our group was really quick we filled up our bag really fast. After the cleaning everyone gathered around and our teachers made us share something interesting that we found. There was a group that found fish lines and there was also another group that found a big foam box. Our teachers explained that by picking up the foam box we saved a lot of birds and fishes. Birds such as seagulls and other sea birds sometimes confuse the pieces of foam with bread and come down and eat the foam and die. Cleaning the beach turned out to be actually super fun. It felt good knowing that we did something good. We cleaned the beach and saved a lot of fishes and birds. Let me just say I want to this again.

Save The Beach

Hello Everyone, :)
My name is Daisy Arzate and I'm currently taking English 95 with Professor Jennifer Hicks . Last Sunday we went to Dockwieler Beach to clean it up and experience nature there. We picked up trash and we walked around with blue bags in our hands and gloves of course and walked through the sand to pick up all this trash and at the same time mark talleys in our papers to see how much trash we had picked up.
  It was a great way to notice that we should keep places more cleaner because we are making our own environment look dirty (DON'T LITER) everyone can help by doing that!
Overall my experience was great because we got to clean the beach and help the environment, we saved a sea animals life by picking this trash up and we got to meet new friends. While picking up trash it made me feel good about myself at the end because its something we hardly do and realizing how dirty something is made me want to make a change to help out.  
So next time you see trash pick it up we all do some good by doing it and at the end its a really good feeling.
Try it :D

Sunny Day

My name is Jennifer Alvarado and I am a freshman in Cal State La. On October 20,2013 my English class volunteer them self to clean Dockweiler State Beach.  It was such a beautiful beach and it was very clean. I thought to myself that there wasn't going to be that much trash but there wasn't I was surprised that the beach was pretty clean. When I got my trash bag we started to look for trash, and we found so many cigarette buds, candy wrappers, and gooey black stuff. I really didn't know what it was but they told us that the black stuff killed sea animals so I started to pick it all up. It was disgusting but it made me think twice about how us humans only think about our self and not the sea animals. All the trash we throw in the floors go into the beach and  harm sea animal and that just makes us humans nasty and really disrespectful. Sea animal should have the opportunity to live for a long time like we humans do. So I say cleans up after yourself don't throw trash on the floor pick it up and throw it away in trash cans!

Heal the Bay

         Hi, my name is Jennifer Madrigal and I am in Mrs. Hernandez Engl 95 class. On Sunday, October 20 we went to Dockweiler Beach to help clean up. I thought it was an amazing experience. Being able to help all the animals who are in danger for what people do was just a great feeling! I never realized that we are killing these poor creatures, they don't deserve being hurt this way. While I was cleaning the beach, I found a lot of styrofoam cut into pieces as if the Seagulls had taken bites out of it. It's sad to see how much we "care" about these lovely animals. I thought it was very worth going to the beach because, it does feel good being able to help at least a bit. We need to start helping the environment more and make it a better place for us and the animals.

Dockweiler Beach

Hi my name is Santiago Rosas, I'm in Ms. Hernandez English 95 class. Being in class and the teacher telling us we have to go to the beach as an assignment, to clean the beach. Then asking what beach and he teacher answering saying Dockweiler Beach. First thing I think is a half of tank of gas to get to this beach. Getting to this beach was a road trip and finding parking was confusing. Cleaning the beach was pretty fun, because I did something good for the animals that you can find at the beach and I had fun picking up trash and being with some classmates.

Man vs Nature

This is Jennifer from Mrs. Hick's English 95 class. I was unable to attend Dockweiler Beach on Sunday, but over the weekend I read Bill McKibben's article on "End of Nature". The article showed insight on how human behaviors affect nature. As McKibben wrote, "The important thing to remember is that the end of nature is not an impersonal event, like an earthquake. It is something we humans have brought about through a series of conscious and unconscious choices: we ended that natural atmosphere..." Ultimately, I learned that it is up to us to maintain a sustainable natural environment.  

Dockweiler beach

My name is Natalie Estrada. I am in X. Hernandez English 095 class. Our class went to the beach for a beach clean up. It was a really fun experience. When I go to the beach, I never really pay attention to my surrounding, but that day, I noticed that their was many things that can harm the animals that live in the beach. Their where a lot of socks and cigarettes. 

This experience helped me understand that cleaning after our self is a must. The trash we leave at the beach harms the animals in the beach, and also can kill them. 

I enjoyed going to the beach for the beach clean up. It was a great experience. I think it was one of the best assignment (:

        Hi my name is Stephanie Felix and I'm in Mrs. Hernandez class for Eng 95. This past Sunday we went to Dockweiler Beach to clean up the beach. It was such a great experience since it was my first time cleaning up a beach. It felt good doing an activity like this and I didn't think I was going to find a lot of trash but I did my bag ended up getting full. Since I got there early I didn't get to do the activity with anyone from my class but I got to do it with my best friend which was great working with him. We found a lot of socks which was kind of weird but we did as well to a lot of pairs of sandals. Even though the weather was cold I think it was good because if it was hot maybe we wouldn't had enjoyed the activity. I would really love to do another beach cleanup soon and tell more of my friends to do it as well.  

Dockwieler Beach Clean-Up

Hi my name is Ivette Sanchez. i am in Mrs. Hernandez's class for English 95. My experience at Dockweiler Beach was very wonderful even if there wasn't much to clean we still gathered a good amount of trash. Most of the trash we picked up were similar such as, cigarette buds, foam cups, plastic utensils, candy wrappers, baby wipes, and fishing string.I think what made this beach clean-up more fun was because of the people who were there. The scenery was also wonderful which made the beach clean-up experience unforgettable. however, at the end of the day i was really exhausted but it was worth the exhaustion because it felt good knowing that we may have saved many animals lives.

Beach Clean Up

Hello my name is Erick Castillo and I am part of X Hernandez English 95 class from CSULA. I was able to visit Dockweiler beach on sunday morning with my friends from Summer Bridge. Each of us were assigned a trash bag with plastic gloves so we wouldn't get our hands dirty. When we started walking around the beach, we fond pieces of trash just lying around the beach. We found cigarettes, paper plates, diapers, empty soda cans, napkins, and burnt wood. My trash bag was almost full and a disgusting odor was coming out of the trash bag, that made me sick to my stomach. At the end of the clean up, i realized it is important that we take care of our mess instead of just leaving our trash lying around waiting for someone to pick up it. I really enjoyed the beach clean up and hope more people would get involved in because it is a fun experience and makes you realize that we need to take care of our planet.
Hello everyone!  My name is Phong Huynh and I'm from Ms. Hernandez's English 95 class.  On Oct. 20, 2013 I was unable to attend the Dockweiler Beach for the beach clean up, but I did the reading assignment, "The End of Nature" by Bill Mckibben, about the environmental changes.  The article was pretty interesting.  It explained how we human building industries and threw our trashes created global warming.  Once the air is polluted with smoke by industries, it trapped the heat and the temperature will rises.  In the river and ocean, it is currently filled with many trashes that comes from the people.  Bill Mckibben argued,"we are ending nature."  Even though I didn't attend to the beach clean up, but the reading was quiet giving me a brief idea about environmental changes.

Beach trip by rezekiel dulaney

  We went to the beach with our class the ride was vey long I thought it would be closer but I didn't mind cause we were going for a good reason I hoped we could do some good by good. It was a cold morning and even colder that the beach. We had to pay for parking 8 dollars which I didn't understand cause we were here to clean up the beach. At least it was a nice day at the beach it was a little cold but the weather was just  fine a lot of our class mates were here so it look like it could be a lot of fun.
 I got there a little late; everyone had already start t being to clean so I was very late at least 15 minutes. I went to find my teacher once I found her I signed got gloves and a bag and started to clean. Walking up in down the beach picking up anything I could find I felt really good we were saving fish life. A doing the beach a favor.
We cleaned for about a hour doing something good. I hope we can heal a other bay. It was a lot of fun after about a hour we walked but to our teacher. One of the other teach gave a speech which was very good. I feel like me and all my class mates did good

Monday, October 21, 2013

My name is Crystal Lee. I'm from Mrs. Hernandez's English 95 Section 49 class. This past Sunday we went to Dockweiler Beach for a beach clean-up. It was far for us to get to the beach. It took us about an hour to get there and when we got there, we got lost and didn't know where we should park and so we had to walk from the other side of the beach to the side where we're supposed to be at. We got there late and so we didn't have any more trash bags for us to use so we shared them with our friends. There were 6 of us in the group and they were all my friend during the summer and so it wasn't hard to communicate with them. When we started cleaning up, we saw a lot of cigarette buds on the beach, candy wrappers, and bottles. The coals inside the BBQ area were still hot. The 6 of us had 4 bags and we filled it up with trash that were being thrown at on the beach. People don't care what they throw at the beach because they think no one will care since it's public and everybody will go to it. But it's really not, it can hurt the environment. At the beach there were a lot of birds flying around the sky or on the surface of the ocean and we also saw birds on the sand near the shore. When they birds pick up the trash, it's not good for them because that can ruin their health. Trash can also ruin their home which is the beach. People should start to pick up their trash after themselves every time when they use the beach. 

Hi! My name is Asia I am in English 95. This past Sunday our class went to Dockweiler Beach. Our task was to clean and basically pick up any trash we saw. When I first arrived it was very cold and I wanted to just go back home. I'm glad I stayed because I met two girls that were in my group and they were nice. As we cleaned we came across some really nasty things, and I was able to help by picking it up. This was a fun experience and it would be nice to do it again.

Dockweiler Beach

Hello my name is Kelly Gramillo and I am in English 95 with professor Ximena Hernandez. We visited Dockweiler beach to clean it up. When professor Hernandez mentioned to us that we were going to visit the beach I got excited. I have never done something like this so it excite me plus, it sounded like fun. When I arrived at the beach it looked so pretty. The sky was cloudy and it was a bit windy. I didn't know so many people were going to participate and actually pick up trash. Once I started getting closer and looking for trash I noticed that there was plenty of it. There were so many cigarrete buds, plastic cups, wrapping paper, bottle caps, cans, plastic bags, containers where people put their food, and peoples socks. It surprised me to see so much trash yet so many trash cans located at the beach, most trash cans were so close to each other. This experience was good for me because it made me realize that I did something good for the beach and the environment. I feel like it was a good experience for everyone as well because they cleaned the beach which is a good cause, most people were with their friends, and after some people stayed and enjoyed the beach with their friends. After we finished cleaning I looked out into the ocean and I saw a couple of dolphins. I would definately like to experience this again and help our environment.
Hi everyone! I am Marisol Jimenez and i am one of the students for Ms. Ximena Hernandez's English class. I was really excited when Ms. Ximena told the class that we were going to Dockweiler Beach to clean it up as much as we can. I was super excited because it was going to be a new experience and  I knew it was for a great cause. As I got to the beach i took a glance of  what I was going to be cleaning up  but from far it looked clean. As I got closer I notice that it was not clean at all, there was many trash dig under the sand and also found the most trash around the fire pits. One of the things that I picked up the most was cigarette butts they were all over the beach. Another thing that I picked up the most was plastic cups. There was many odd things that I would have never expected to find at the beach for example i found like two socks and a piece of rip shirt. I got to see from far a couple of dolphins swimming around the area. As I was there I felt good because I knew I was helping out the community and over all it was such an amazing experience.

Dockweiler Beach Clean Up

Hi!!! My Name is Ajali and I'm in Professor Ximena Hernandez English class. On Sunday visiting Dockwieler Beach I was expecting to see a lot of trash, but apparently it wasn't many. It wasn't that many of trash because the Heal the Bay is a part of it as well and they help with cleaning the beach. Even though there wasn't too many trash me and my group still ended up finding trash. This beach trip was a great experience because we meet new people and we helped the sea life as well. Its really sad to see how people go to the beach and throw all there trash right where their sitting and don't even bother to get up and throw it in the trash. I mean its not hard to get up the trash can is right there for  them dispose. It was a good experience because I feel proud of cleaning up and helping the sea creatures. I wasn't just thinking about myself that day. I was also thinking about the animals that are in danger of all the trash that's on the beach.

Keeping the Beach Clean

My name is Soledad and I am a freshman in Ms. Ximena Hernandez’s English class. I felt good that I was able to give back to the planet by cleaning the beach. It was a very good experience for me. I was in a group with other four friendly and girls and met new people. I didn't think that the beach was really dirty it just had some trash not that much. What I mostly saw was cigarettes in the sand and I also picked up small pieces of foam. One of the things I found the most interesting to pick up was glow sticks because I just never thought I would find that at the beach. It was my first time cleaning the beach so before going to the beach I thought it was not going to be a good experience, but then at the end it was a good experience after all. It was worth waking up super early on a Sunday morning. :)

Dockweiler Beach Clean Up

Yooo, I'm Claudia! (the one holding the bag) I am currently a freshman in Ms. Hernandez's English class. This past Sunday we went out to Dockweiler Beach to clean up the bay from 9am-11am. This event was hosted by Heal The Bay. I honestly thought that this beach was going to be super dirty but it wasn't too bad. It was actually pretty clean, though my group and I did find interesting trash. We found socks, beer bottles, glow sticks, foam plates, and of course cigarette buds, and many more. While we cleaned up the bay we were able to enjoy each others company and spark up interesting conversations. We even made a new friend from another class. This field trip allowed us to make a difference in our community as well as making fun memories with classmates.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dockweiler beach clean up

My name is Chris and I am a freshman in Ximena Hernandez's English class. This was my first time cleaning up a beach,and it was a really great experience. I never noticed how much trash there was buried in the sand, or just laying on top of the sand. I don't understand how people don't just dispose of their trash, there is trash cans surrounding the beach every where you look. When I was picking up every piece of trash I felt proud, it wasn't much but I felt like I was doing my part. I could only imagine how much more trash there is buried deep down under the sand. Seeing how much trash there was, only made me wonder how much more trash there is at all the other beaches, this was just one beach. Our society doesn't realize how bad we are polluting our beaches, cause I sure didn't realize it until today. It would be nice if more people volunteered and helped clean up the beach as well. I know I will be cleaning up more beaches each and every one I visit. Do your part, help the world be a better place, help improve our environment.

Dockweiler Beach Clean-Up, October 20 2013.

    Hi, my name is pinman zhang. I am a freshman of professor Hernandez, in Cal State LA.  Today, I went to Dockweiler Beach to clean-up.  When I met my professor she put other three student with me in a group, then she give us a big garbage bag and one list for clean-up. (we are going to clean up the beach together. this is my fist time to participate in collective labor, so Im so excited\(≧▽≦)/.)  The beach is so cold in the morning, so there are not have a lot of people in the seaside, this brought convenient for us to clean up in the beach. We picked up a lot of cigarette butts, disposable cups, wrapping paper, and the bottle cap in the beach.  In addition, there is a piece of broken glass, I put careful to pick it up in the bag.  I think if someone stepped on it, that is must be so pain! Why do people littering?  I think I have to remind my friends, don't litter. We should protect the environment.  For Earth's tomorrow, for our tomorrow.  we must start from the now diligently.  this service learning showed us how we can change the way things are in our environment.  I would be glad to part in the activity of today, and I think it is very meaningful to me!