Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hello =)

Hi, my name is Nayeli Hernandez. I decided to attend the beach clean-up at Dockweiler Beach this past weekend. It was a very beautiful day by the way. I should have gone in the water and play for a bit, but I didn't. Anyways, this was my second time participating in a beach clean-up. My first experience was much more awesome, but it is really nice to know that I was doing something good for the environment, along with other students from CSULA.

Obviously, there was trash at the beach. There were candy wrappers, juice/water bottles, bottle caps, cigarettes, pieces of Styrofoam (which is one of the very harmful products to animals and hard to get rid of), and plastic bags. Also, there was socks at the beach and some colorful ones! There were all sorts of trash and the beach looked clean. I have to admit, participating in this activity has changed my habits even more! I tend not litter anymore or at least not as much, but it's a difference that I will be accomplishing every time. =D

This activity relates to our class because we have read texts that deal with the environment. Throughout this year, we were assigned to do essays that involved the environment's status such as a polluted environment. For example, trash being around in public places is a danger to our world and animals today. It is for the sake of our animals and even ourselves that we need make a difference in our world. =)

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