Saturday, October 29, 2011

Heal The Bay!

Heal the Bay was such a great experience. I never knew how much trash could actually end up on the beach. There was a lot of trash that was stuck in the bushes and scrubs along the side of the road. A lot of the trash we picked up were cigarette buds and styrofoam pieces. All of the trash there were things that could have easily been put in a bin and avoided ending up on the floor. Most of the trash at Dockweiler was there because people kept piling and over flowing trash bins that eventually caused the trash to fall out. I found a plastic bottle that was trapped in a bush and realized that if a heavy storm were to hit, it would most likely end up in the ocean like a lot of the trash near the shore. We shouldn't even be drinking from plastic bottles because of the BPA poisoning it contains. I learned that most of the trash that ends up in the ocean, animals can confuse as food. There have been many cases were animals die of plastic poisoning because their digestive systems are not made to break down plastic. Plastic bottles are not only bad for our health, but also the health of marine animals. By making sure I properly disposed of the plastic bottle, I knew I was doing my part in saving a marine animal. It makes me realize and raise awareness that there are still many other beaches that have the same issue, not just the one we cleaned. I'm very glad I got to be a part of Heal the Bay! Now next time I go to the ANY beach, I won't just be getting in the water, I'll help clean it!

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