Saturday, October 29, 2011 Fatal

Laziness…is Fatal

Hello everyone, my name is Antony Ghobrial and I am part of the English 101 course at Cal State La. As a class, we all went to Dockweiler Beach to clean it from many things like beer caps, glass bottles, cigarette butts, and many more miscellaneous items. I was astonished by how many cigarette butts there were considering the beach is a no smoking environment. There were chip bags and paper plates that covered up everything. I found a lot of things that should not have been there to begin with. There are many young children at the beach on a daily basis. If there are broken glass bottles then a fun experience at the beach could end up in the hospital. Animals are like little children, they do not understand what is right from wrong. If a seal finds a plastic bag, who is going to tell it that that is not a jelly fish? No one will, the seal will eat it and die. People do not usually think in the future. They mostly think about the here and now. If a common person sees that the trash can is too far away, they many just throw it on the floor due to their laziness. The reason why we cleaned the beach was very simple. We attempted to clean the amount of garbage found all over the beach so that more trash can end up in a trash bin and not in the ocean. I learned that when I am at the beach and I see trash, even if it is not mine, I should still pick it up because that tiny amount of effort can and more than likely will save an animal's life.

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