Sunday, October 30, 2011

Heal The Bay

Cleaning the beach wasn't exactly my idea of a Sunday morning, but it was really fun. My English 101 class was invited to help clean Dockweiler Beach. My classmates and I found a diversity of trash, from cigarettes butts to styrofoam pieces, and plastic bags. Healing The Bay was a really interesting experience, I learned a lot from it. I would've never paid attention to all that trash if it wasn't because we actually went to clean the beach. At the end, there was a lot of trash collected, and I realized that our time and effort was worth because even though the beach wasn't perfectly clean, we picked up a lot of trash that could have ended up hurting plants and animals in the ocean. We really made a difference. Yes it's not that much trash when you actually start thinking about all the trash there is in every beach, but little by little it starts to be something and something is better than nothing.

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