Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Waking up early on Sunday morning to go help clean a beach on one of my days off, considering having a long night the night before, it felt kind of skeptical to me. But once my ride picked me up from my house to go to the beach, I had a different perspective of the day. Just as i thought, I had a good time at the beach, on top of getting the feeling that you did something good for your community. Getting to my experience cleaning the beach, me and the group that i was cleaning up with found a significant amount of pollution on the beach. We found a metal rod just laying in the sand. We also found a large amount of plastic wrappers, which was one categories that consisted of most of the waste. I actually found a piece of bamboo and it made me think if it had drifted all the way over here from Japan. Other groups that were helping clean up the beach found some pretty bizarre pieces of waste. One group actually found a really sharp knife in the sand, where someone could of hurt themselves with. Another group found a tampon, which i thought was pretty funny. At the end of the day, my group had collectively gathered 4 bags filled with trash. At the end of our "cleaning session," my group gathered around a bon fire pit and hung out for a bit before we headed home. I'm sorry that i cannot provide any pictures but I'm pretty sure a member that was in my group will post some of this pictures that we took. But overall, I had a great experience and knowing that I contributed in making this world a better place makes me feel good about myself. I hope that everyone that went out and helped out Heal the Bay clean up the beach continue to do good gracious as such and for those who could not make it, I hope you can contribute in anyway to our environment. :D

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