Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bay Needing Healing

Hello. My name is Mike Landaverde and I participated in an event that allowed me and my peers to clean Dockweiler State Beach. They told us this beach was one of the cleanest beach in the Los Angeles area, but that day it appeared to be far from clean. This beach was covered with all kinds of trash, from ocean to where the street met, and this was hard to believe to be the cleanest. What we did at this event was get into groups and get even in the most uncomfortable places to be to pic up trash and all kinds of objects that where not suppose to be lying around that seemed like a potential threat to all kinds of life, both human and animal. Why we chose to do this matters a lot, because this shows that marine life is very important to us. Apart from that, we as humans enjoy the beach several times in a year, and many are exposed to dangers of getting hurt or sick, just like life in the ocean. Even if it was just one beach and it was for such a short time, we eventually were able to pick up multiple bags of trash and make somewhat of a difference that probably would have prevented health risks.

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