Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hello, my name is Juan Gomez Vasquez. I am a student from Mrs. Hernandez's English 101 class at CSULA. On May 18, 2013, our class and a few organizations (such as FOLAR) came to the LA River to help clean it up. Growing up close to the LA River I always noticed how dirty it was but when I actually went into the river, I began to see how dirty it really was. As I walked threw the river I notices a lot of plastic bags, bottles/ cans, and a bunch or wrappers. But as I began to dig deeper, literally dig, I notice that their were shopping carts, traffic cones, and even parts from a bike. So a couple of my classmates came upon a shopping cart and decided to dig it out. It took nearly one hour to get out. During the digging i notice my fellow classmate, Kevin had stopped digging. As I looked towards him I noticed he had found something very interesting by the way he was looking at it. It had turned out that Kevin had just found a $100 dollar bill, that was beginning to dematerialize. It crazy how you find money but its even crazier finding $100 dollar bill in the LA River. This just shows how much we really take care of our LA River, I mean after all if it took thousands of dollars to convert it to how it is.

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