Sunday, May 19, 2013

LA River Clean Up

My name is Jiaying Yang. I am part of Mrs. Hernandez’s English 101 composition class. On May 18, 2013 many students from Cal State La and other volunteers helped to clean up the LA River. Everyone that went to the LA River Clean Up is trying to make an environmental difference. I will remember this clean-up day forever because we contribute to the river by picking up trash to make it less contaminated to the animals that live around the river and make the river more beautiful. The outside of the river was beautiful, but when my group went in to the river bed, there were many trashes. My group and I picked up many grocery plastics bags, cups, aluminum cans, and aluminum caps. We even found a tire and a cart near the river. I saw other volunteers picking up trash that are big and small. We can change the environment of the river by not throwing trash or littering in the river. Many other people can also contribute to the river and picking up trash with friends or family because it can be fun and afterwards, they can see the change of the river.  

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