Tuesday, May 21, 2013

L.A River

Hello peeps,
My name is Consuelo Huerta currently attending Cal State L.A. This was a good experience for me even though I already had plans with my church, it turned out to be fun. I was not to excited to go clean; I hardly clean my house how was I going to go clean a river. I was more worried about there being rats and how hot it was going to be rather than focusing on the main reason why we were actually going. I have never participated to clean anything but I have participated in feeding the homeless people at the Union Rescue Mission, and it is very different. I felt like I actually did something good for the community. Since my class has been focusing about the environment and how human activities is causing global warming, has made me change in a good way. The things my group and I found or saw were interesting. The L.A River is very nice but can be better without the trash. I am not one to make friends right away but I met 4 girls including the girls I gave a ride to and got closer to 4 other people. We would see each other in different classes but not talk as much. This trip I got to learn a little more about them, where they came from, live, and their perspective on the environment. I am glad I decided to go to the L.A River because it was a nice experience that I would like  to do again. The group I was with were awesome people.

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