Tuesday, May 21, 2013

LA River Clean Up

Hello peeps. My name is Kevin Garibay and I am a CSULA student. I never knew that the LA River was a place that people could be around. I thought that it was all cement until I actually went to this FOLAR event and experienced the nature firsthand. After having seen this side of the river, I noticed that a change can happen and it can happen for the good. I really thought that it was going to be a little more messier than it was, but it really wasn't and with my good luck I had found an old, torn up $100 bill. Apart from that it was good. It really seemed like a good workout, because my group had to dig up 2 shopping carts that were stuck under trees and pounds of dirt. If it was any different, the river would end up being cleaner than it was that day. If it was cleaner than more people would appreciate it and keep it clean for as long as possible.

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