Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hello, my name is Kelsey Amezquita. I went to the LA river cleanup not thinking much of it. But being there and seeing all the trash wrapped in the trees. Did have a big impact on me. Knowing that most of our trash gets stuck in the river and trees grow over the trash. Seeing all this trash in the river makes me wonder, how many people know we have a river? Before i went to the LA river, i never knew we had a river that close to us. After seeing the river and seeing all the wildlife around the river makes me want to go back to enjoy the river. Cleaning the river was enjoyable because there were so many people there that were helping the environment, by cleaning the river up. River cleanup was fun my group of 4 people had fun finding some random items like clothes, beer bottles, hubcap,  shopping carts, and lots of plastic. Also one of my group members did fall in to the river. She just got out and cleaned herself off and after this accident we walked back to the start of clean up and saw all the trash that was collected from all the other people. We saw a couple of shopping carts, lots of plastic bags and much more. Getting close to the end we went in the middle of the grass area on the river to see the other side of the river where there was no vegetation. But over all the experience was enjoyable.

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