Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Los Angeles River Clean-Up

Hello everyone

My name is Melissa Hernandez and I am a Calstate L.A  student. I knew that in Los Angeles was a river but I never went there until the clean-up. Cleaning the river was a really good experience, even though at I was not sure about the idea of going there to clean, at the end I would never change that experience. Where I began to clean looked really clean, there was a little of trash, but as I keep walking I saw more and more trash, I saw cloth and plastic in the trees, I saw 4 shopping carts, and lots and lots of wrappers, cups and plastic bottles. Some of the trash I couldn't reach it because there was water between the land where the trash was. I saw many spiders and different type of plants, and some ducks. The only thing I didn't like about being there was that I got a little allergic reaction in the skin from a plant but it went away in a couple of hours. Overall I had a good time being there, and I am happy there I went to help and enjoy a little what nature gave to us.

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