Sunday, May 19, 2013

La Gran Limpieza

Hello fellow bloggers,
 My name is Ilana Regalado and I would like to give you a short review of my experience in being part of the LA River Clean-up event " La Gran Limpieza". I felt this experience might have left many eager to continue to make an impact in our river or if not in othe ways. I know becauase while at the river I would hear many talk about making a change to reduce their trash and I would notice many cleaning the river with such passion, I was so greatful they were part of the clean up. I noticed this clean up made many more open, so many people talked to people they had never met before about how to keep the environment clean and what impact Los Angeles can try to do. I was just so happy with seeing and hearing peoples care.I would also like to add that I really enjoyed my self. I felt I met another group of people that I know care for the environment as much as I do. My group I felt was one of those groups that not only noticed the problems the city was doing to this river, but also what could they should avoid so they do not contribute to the litering or polluting. I really admired them for what they did at the river and the way they felt about it ohh.. and because they did not make fun of me when I slipped over that greenish sludge hahaha, but i did get a bit mad when they said I went over board when getting the orange caution cone, which I thought was a trophy.I hope who ever went on this experience that they left with another minset on littering and what impact they can make. I am just so greatful their was such a program involved in the river and people dedicated to make a change.

P.S: Are is planning on the end of Spring Quarter to Bike and do a bit of cleaning at Marsh Park where our clean up took place. So if any one is intrested in getting an update on a date just let me know and you are more than welcome in being part of another great experience :)

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