Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Beach Clean-Up

This past weekend I got to participate in a Heal the Bay event at Dockweiler beach. I actually enjoyed myself for the most part because as I was walking along the beach, I knew I was doing something helpful and saving victims of a shameless crime that people don't think about when committing the act. The beach is full of little bits of trash that are most harmful to the animals in and around the ocean because they are all affected by the trash. The trash can either pile up on the sand and the birds will try to eat it or the trash will be brought into shore and fish think that it's regular food floating around. I tried my best to pick up all the little trash from cigarrette butts to pieces of foam. There just too much mess made by people to actually have the beach clean. If only everybody did their part and thought about the community rather than just missing the trash can and being too lazy to pick it up, maybe our world would be different. We would be more self-conscious about nature and feel bad for dropping trash on the floor, but that's in a fantasy world. This event did change my way of thinking when it comes to littering because I actually got to see how the ocean is effected from our carelessness. I understand that the picture below of the bird is pretty harsh, but it's something interesting that was found on the beach. There are endless theories towards why that bird is dead, but even just having a dead bird on the beach is unisanitsary for everybody. It could stay there for days and rot. If any animal tried to eat that, it's all down hill from there. Events like these can be life changing to people as long as they know how much they are truly helping nature be cleaner as it once was.

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