Monday, October 13, 2014

The Captain Planet Squad

Captains log 1432, My name is Cebren Benson. I'm 18 years old and i'm currently a freshie at Cal State La. If your wondering who I am in the picture above lets just say im different. The transition from high school to college has been easy due to the great teachers First Year Experience (F.Y.E.) hooked me up with (Shoutout to Ms. Hernandez). My English 101 class is themed off environmental sustainability and other important topics that are directed towards our future and past as resource thriving humans. We've been learning about this through various text such as the classic book "The Lorax", Jenny Price's article "Thirteen Ways of seeing nature in La", and the California Scheming story.  One of our first activities that we recently finished was taking part in the Docweiler Beach Cleanup. The activity was real cool especially, because i had a really conversational group and it was interesting to see how all the items we found told a little story about who or what might've put the trash there. Some was too obvious, we found like 4 pairs of shoes from people who turn't up the night before. Another highlight was when everybody started walking out to clean, like it was rows of trash. I've done beach clean ups before and usually i'd be mad, because there's like 200 hundred people to like 20 pieces of trash. Those were at nicer beaches like Santa Monica and Venice is a whole different blog. There was tons of birds also which im 100 percent sure a good amount of them mistake the left over trash from the party goers for food. Im not saying theres nobody that does anything positive to the environment, but the goal right now is to make people realize that everything that they do impacts someone else and eventually comes back to them.  All this stuff falls into morality and ethics, not to say you have to be a jesus figure, but just be smart enough to stay aware. Thats all I have to say thanks for reading.

Btw, Captains log was a star trek joke. Just Saying.

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