Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Vamos a la playa! (But to clean it)

The beach clean up that we did at Dockweiler Beach on Sunday was an interesting experience. I had never done any hands-on volunteer to actually go to clean a public place, and this was a successful first time! I discovered the many things people can throw away without having a conscience of what those are capable of doing to the environment. Sandals, socks, plastic bags, wrappers, dirty diapers, cigarette butts, lots of them, and even human hair. Yes, you heard me right, actual human hair. It amazes me how people are unable to clean up after themselves, even though the beach was filled with trash cans that were every 20 feet from each other, literally. Just because you are not in your home it does not give you the right to turn a place into your own dumpster. It's a public space, so we should learn to take care of it, for our own sake and for the habitat of the animals that are put to danger due to the irresponsibility of people. I am glad I was able to contribute at least a little to improve the conditions of this beach and to give a hand to the community. It never hurts to do your part, specially if it's for something that is for the good of everyone. 


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