Tuesday, October 14, 2014

heal the bay october 2014

so this past Sunday i volontered  to clean the beach with some of my peers . although i know some of us just did it get out of a research paper, me being guilty i did the same. however my entire perspective changed  as soon i actually started  cleaning up the the beach. prior to the pick up  we where informed about the beach and all the protocols and procedures. just the usual stuff .so when we started to actually to do the clean up, generally seeking i want to say just about everything all of us volunteers picked up was just trash from people who occupied the bonfire.
ok i understand that sometimes thing fly out of the trash cans when the wind picks up .but really that wasn't the case here . it really looked like people visited the beach to just set up camp and leave everything where it stood. so in personal opinion and i believe most would agree with me everyone should be held accountable and should be responsible for the trash they produce. so yes , i do think fines should be given to those that litter and add to pollution to our oceans.i didn't have a bad time cleaning up the beach and i think everyone should volunteer every once  in a while so maybe they can change there perspective a little and live a little greener.

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