Sunday, October 12, 2014

Service Learning Project

On Sunday morning, October 12, 2014 I participated in a beach clean up event called "Heal The Bay." The event was with my English 101s class, we all gathered around to help clean up Dockweiler Beach, which is the officially adopted my CSULA. When we arrived at the beach we received gloves, trash bags, and tally sheets. The tally sheets were to tally up what kind of trash we found that day. For two hours my group and I walked around the beach picking up trash. What we encounter the most was cigarette bubs, plastic bags, and foam cups. We also found some strange things like socks, under shirts, and even a bra! I found the activity quite fun and felt good at the end for helping out our environment. We cleaned out three bags of trash and I feel we all made the beach look better that day. Another thing I learned from this activity was that people really do not care about all the trash they are throwing on our beach. I believe that this beach clean up really taught my classmate and I how important it is to keep our beaches and other parks clean. I hope to one day participate in another clean up! I enjoyed helping the environment!

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