Monday, October 13, 2014

Dockweiler Beach cleanup

Hi my name is Cynthia Campos, on Sunday October 12 I went to the beach for the first time. My dad took the liberty of waking up early, so we could go to Dockweiler Beach, since we live an hour away. It wasn’t hard to find. When I looked at the beach it looked clean, but when I got out, and started walking towards the beach I saw bags of food, paper cups/plates, and so much more. When I got my gloves I went with three other girls, and we started picking up small things like pieces of plastic, cigarettes, foam, and even socks and shoes. We kept on wondering the beach when I came across a seagull eating plastic out of the trash, it flew once someone got close. That got me thinking, why wasn’t the trash can close? And what will happen to the seagull if it can’t digest his foods correctly? These animals don’t know what food is and what isn’t, that is why we should help them, instead of polluting places like the beach. One common trash that we found in the beach was cigarettes. People usually stomp on cigarettes in on order to extinguish them, but is it too hard to pick it up and throw it to the nearest trash can? Animal can mistake them for bread crumbs. Now I know that beaches aren’t clean, because when I saw all the trash that every person had in their bag I was proven that many people don’t care where they leave their trash at. They don’t stop and think about the harm they bring to the animals and nature around them. Going to Dockweiler Beach was a great experience, and it was proof for me that we should take matters into our own hands, and make this world into a better place for the next generation. 

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