Monday, October 19, 2015

Beach Clean Up With Heal the Bay (Dockweiler Beach)

Hello, my name is Diana Agredano. I'm a freshman at California State University Los Angeles. On October 18, 2015 I was a part of the beach clean up with Heal the Bay organization. It was a wonderful experience that also made me realize many things. During the beach clean up we all partnered up with others to clean. My group and me found many cigarette butts, plastic, aluminum and  bottle caps. While cleaning I was wondering why there was many cigarette butts if it's illegal to smoke in a beach. All of those cigarette butts came from the city which then went to the beach. It's disappointing seeing all the trash in our nature. While being at the beach I also saw that the water was green. The water was green! How can it be possible that in other beaches people get in and the ocean is all joined in one. It was incredible seeing the water green. The reason for the water being green is due to all the trash being thrown to the ocean. I'm glad I got to experience myself how our nature is being treated. Made me feel glad that we did something to help our nature by cleaning the beach. By experiencing it I know in the future I will be more aware of how I will treat our nature. By making a change myself I know I will lead others to make a change with our environment.

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