Tuesday, October 20, 2015

It was chill

Hey my name is Alonso Lopez and this past Sunday on October 18, 2015 I took 2 hours of my day to help clean the beach with my fellow classmates.This was actually my 2nd time at Dockweiler Beach and it wasn't actually all that dirty. Sure there was some trash but not like any major garbage. In the 2 hours that my group and I cleaned we collected about 80 or so cigarette butts and over a 100 pieces of plastic.Plastic was definitely the most common trash on the beach. The water looked pretty damn gross to be brutally honest, it was all green and yellow. At the beach there was also some sort of triathlon going on there was hundreds of people biking , swimming and running. At the beach I also saw some interesting things like the art on the walls.

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