Monday, October 19, 2015

HEAL THE BAY!! :) (Dockweiler Beach Clean-up)

Trash piled up in the sand.

Things left behind.
My name is Tiarra Penn and on October 18, I attended the Heal The Bay Beach Clean-up with my class and other students at CSULA. Me and a few of my classmates got into a group to help collect trash along the beach. While collecting trash, the things that we found most were cigarette butts, bottle caps, plastic and Styrofoam.  It was crazy to see all of the things that people leave behind simply because they don't consider the fact that they are trashing our Earth. I am glad that I had the opportunity to experience the clean-up, because it gave me an opportunity to have a nice morning on the beach, enjoy the environment, and admire my view. I was glad to know that the beach ended up being that much more clean after we all helped out.  I've learned in class, and hands on that it is very important to take steps to heal our environment. I wouldn't have wanted my view of the beach to be filled with trash. If anything, it shouldn't be hard to clean up after yourself because of all the trashcans present. I think it was great that I actually got the chance to attend the cleanup was because all I could think about were the baby Seagulls, and how horrible it would be for one of them to try to eat cigarette butts or trash. It was great!


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