Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Beach clean up

Hello my name is Maria Gonzalez. I am currently a CSULA student starting her first year. On October 18, 2015 I went to the Dockweiler beach to participate in my very first beach clean up with my English 101 class. The water was greenish blueish and the sand seemed soft yet I knew there was probably hundreds of tiny trash bits buried deep down. Though I got there late I still managed to do my part and help clean up where I was at. Almost everywhere I stepped I found myself picking up used cigarette buds. I got to the conclusion that people who smoked at the beach saw it as a big ash tray for cigarette buds. It was disappointing to know that people didn't care about the beach as much as they should. On the other hand the activity made me feel good for cleaning up a public place and guilty, because it felt like I should be involved in more activities that help the environment. Despite the trash bits I saw and the cigarette buds it was a lovely cloudy day at the Dockweiler beach.

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