Monday, October 19, 2015

Helping out the environment!

Hey guys! My name is Salvador Moreno and I'm a freshman at Cal State LA. My class for English 101s had the opportunity to collaborate with the group Heal the Bay and they clean beaches up for a good cause. I have never attended to a beach clean up and on October 18, 2015 was my first time doing that. It was an amazing feeling to help clean the beach because you feel great doing it. I invited my friends if they wanted to tag along and they said yes. I arrived a bit late because there was a marathon going on and there were cones on the street and I made a wrong turn and was going the opposite way. I finally found my way there and I met with the group and they handed me the bag, checklist, and glove and we were ready to begin. We found all sorts of things on the beach and it disappointed me that people are irresponsible and don't pick up after themselves. The most common things we found were cigarette butts, styrofoam, metal bottle caps, and plastic wrappers. Birds tend to eat the styrofoam because they think its small pieces of food and eventually end up dying because of that. I also saw the water was a bit green and I knew what i was doing will help it go back to normal. It was a great experience and if everyone takes part, we can all make a difference. It begins with us to start the change and encourage others to do the same.

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