Monday, October 19, 2015

Heal the Bay 2015

Hello, my name is Stephanie Gallego. I currently attend CSULA and recently (on Sunday, October 18th, 2015), for my English class, I participated in a beach clean up for Heal The Bay. For this event we all split up into groups of 5 people and we all went up and down the beach and worked together to clean up pieces of trash that were found all over the beach. Each group was given one trash bag and one data card to record the items that we had picked up.
As my group and I were picking up trash we all noticed that the main thing that we found were cigarette butts. We all thought it quite odd that there were so many cigarette butts there because smoking is not allowed in any beach. We were later informed that those cigarette butts usually get blown over to the beached by the wind. I found this quite sad because if a bird or any other animal were to eat those, they would not be able to digest them. Since they wouldn't be able to digest them, their stomach would seem full and they would soon starve to death.
 I am glad I was able to participate in helping clean up the beach. I have learned by this that if you want something done, like a cleaner beach, YOU, yourself, need to take the first step and start taking action. To me, this was an amazing experience and such an eye opener; we must all work together in preventing pollution. We would save not only our beaches but the animals that live there too.


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