Monday, October 19, 2015

My name is Xitlalic Torres and i am currently a CSULA student. On October 18, 2015, I participated in the Heal The Bay, Beach clean-up with my class for English 101s. The beach we had volunteered to clean was Dockweiler beach. The morning of the clean up I did not want to wake up. I sat at the edge of my bed contemplating whether I should do the alternative assignment, But realized that I would be doing something good for the environment and also I would have a lovely morning at the beach so it was a win win. Each group of students were given a trash bag, gloves, a pencil, and tally sheet with different items we would find on the beach.The most thing our group found were cigarette buds. The strangest things we found were kid's toys, We would find things like Stuffed animals, boogie boards, and Frisbee's. It was sad to see all the trash that gets left behind by people. It was also sad knowing that all the plastic we found could be swallowed by the birds or most marine animals if the plastic washed up in the water. This event has helped me realize that we only have one planet, So we need to take care of it. I also realized that by doing something so small like picking up trash can help the environment and make a huge different. At the end of the day spending my morning at the beach picking up trash was both beautiful and rewarding.

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