Wednesday, April 22, 2015

 Hi my name is Jocelyn Guox. I'm currently enroll at CSULA. On Saturday April 18th, I had the opportunity to go and help clean-up the LA River. I have done many community service around my neighborhood. Doing all this events makes me realize even more that we are dirty our environment and destroying the little we have left. Once I got to the LA River I wasn't expecting to see how pretty it was. At first I couldn't see any trash but once I got closer I saw many plastic bags, plastic bottles, food wrappers and even clothes. I wasn't expected to see so many trash dumped in the river. I was surprised how the majority of the trash were stuck to trees and between rocks. At the end of the day I was really surprised of what we all had gathered. It was another great experience. I really enjoy helping out the environment. 


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