Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hi my name is Vanessa Saldana I participated in helping out with Solano Community Garden for Jennifer Hicks stretch class. When I first arrived the guy had put us right to work, he made the group I was in, loosen up the dirt. At first it seemed like a piece of cake I was like" I got the easy job", but the by not even half ways through the dirt my hands had got tired.I had to get a few brakes that's how tiring it was. It was hard work, but it made me appreciate farm workers even more, they are doing there best in providing us with fruit that is not planted with pesticides and that is what we need so we wont pollute our planet. The guy also gave us a treat afterward ,he let us try the fruit. The fruit was so amazing you can taste the freshness. What I learned from helping out in the garden is there trying to make our environment a better place by providing organic fruit. Also I learned that loosening the grass was the first step to planting fruit trees. I enjoyed my experience and it made me feel good inside that I had the opportunity to help out with the garden.

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