Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Volunteering For Our Future

Hi! My name is Jazmin Salazar and as well as my classmates I am also in Ms. Hicks English 101 class. I have to say that I love this class because I like how the topics we write about aren't boring. I like to discuss and discussing is my favorite part of this class. In this class we engage in environmental topics such as global warming and ways we can fix it. A way of doing this was by actually going out and doing something about the issue. I participated in the Solano Community garden and I also brought my brother along with me.

This community garden meets every saturdays at 10 am. We showed up at 9:30 am and waited for everyone to gather along. This is a great timing because it is not too late or too early. My initial reaction was "WOW" this place is huge.

The man that showed us around was "Al" he was in charge of explaining to us how his garden worked and how he make it work. I was surprised when he said that his garden was a restaurant garden since the restaurants want to by local. After he explained this we walked about and I loved how the crops where positioned and they were just so pretty.

After he explained how everything worked he gave us tasks and me and my classmates got to cut down the flowers in the entrance, This was a exciting job for both me and my brother. I had never used some gardening scissors so big , so I learned how to use them. My brother helped out by stomping down the flowers to make more room in the buckets, he was a great help since he has little feet.

Me and my classmates cut down the entrance to the garden and we did a pretty good job at it. It was kind of tiring but it felt good to volunteer in the end. I enjoyed doing this job because I gained some experience in the gardening field. I learned that you can take the dried down leafs to do "mulch". That is why we separated them into separate buckets.

With this experience I took a little bit of the garden with me. I learned that there is still thoughtful people out there. More of these places would help the environment out tremendously, since we wouldn't have to depend on food that has to be brought to us. Instead it would be locally grown, benefiting out health, wallet, and most importantly our environment. Overall, my brother and I loved the experience and hope to come back.

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