Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Solano Community Garden

Hello, my name is Gennesis Padilla and I'm a freshmen that's also in one of Mrs. Hicks English classes. Our english class has been reading, learning, and writing about the environment. For this service learning event we went to the Solano Community Garden. I had never been to a community garden before until that Saturday morning. I'm not going to lie and say that I was excited to get my hands dirty and be touched my flying insects, but once I had my job given to be by the man that runs the place Al Renner my perspective toward the garden changed. I was to get started and move around the dirt so that Al could later plant seeds in the soil. It felt nice to do something for him to later just throw in the seeds he wished to plant. I didn't think that fruit like peaches and strawberries could grow and taste so good in places like the Solano Community Garden. I have never seen another place like this one. What I found so interesting was when Al showed us a black trashcan where there was grass and things like old leaves "waste" but in reality it wasn't waste it was to turn into food for animals like spiders and for the land itself. I found it really cool how animals survive off their own environment. It was extremely shocking to me, when I took a taste at the peaches and strawberries that some students picked out from the garden. They tasted soo GOOD!!! I didn't exactly think that the fruit grown in the garden was going to be any good. I dont know why, but i didnt. I was mistaken because boy, did that fruit taste GREAT! I have learned that when people put their hard work into something like taking care of a garden, it can certainly come a long way! LOOK AT THIS GARDEN.

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