Sunday, May 15, 2011

My first time at a community garden

Hello my name is Jennifer Pino a freshman attending to Calstate La. I'm in Jennifer's Hicks english stretch program where we been reading, writing, and learning about the environment. First year in college has been an intersting one not only because it has been a huge transition from high school to college, but the things i have learned in english class have been very intersting. Learning about the environment has scared me in a way, because if we dont take care of it all the especial things we have rigth now like water and air can dissapear in blink of an eye if we dont take care of it.

On a saturday morning i went to the Solano Commmunity Garden to do my community service for my english class. It was intersting morning not only because i did'nt know there was a community garden by the freeway, but because it was huge where people has planted cilantro, broccoli, strawberries, peaches, raddishes, lettuce and many more.

For their own use or to sell at the farmer markets. Since the problem of eating locally has become something huge in Los Angeles. Its a way to eat healthy and knowing where the food is coming from. Also helping the environment, because since its locally the transportation and use of gas is not being use.

Then the man in charge of the garden gave us chores to do. Me and my group of friends were assigned to trim the tree that was blocking the main gate of the garden. All of us end up doing a great job and clearing the way. After we picked up all the mess and put it into buckets, and picking up the dead flowers that later on would be used as fertilizer to other plants. We had the opportunity to eat some fresh peaches and strawberries that just had been picked.They tasted great, the peaches were juicy and the strawberries werent sour likethe ones that are sold at the supermarkets. I could totally tell the difference between organic and not organic now.

Overall it was a great experience that i am never going to forget.Making my first year in college even better. Helping the environment does not only made me goodbut voluntering in a place that i didnt know even existed made me feel even better. I hope me and my group of friends made a great difference at the garden. Thank you for your time :D

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