Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Solano Community Garden :D :)

Fun experience :)

Hi my name is Yessica :P. On Saturday May 14, 2011, I went to do my community service for Jenny's class in a community garden. Through out the year we have been studyng about the environment. This garden is close to China town, around Dodgers Stadium. I had a good time, I got to help out the environment a little, I wish that I would have done this kind of thing way back in High school or even Middle School. Let me tell you something even though i live close to this community garden i didn't know about it.

Even though at the beginning I was nervous because i don't like bugs, and I got more nervous when the farmer in charged of the garden told us there was snakes. The farmer in charged gave us something to do, I was in charged along with my friend Kristine and her friends to pick peaches from a tree. That tree had a bunch of peaches. In my opinion people need to help the environment out even if its just in a little thing everything counts. Everyone was having fun, the guy in charge gave the other people different things to do; some were picking strawberries, some were doing something with the dirt so that they can use it for planting season. Other people were helping to cut down the leaves from the front door. Apart from being nervous because of the bugs I enjoyed the experience. Now from reading Jenny's post i know that the guy in charge of the place his name is Al. After we finish with the tree Al took us on a tour and showed us the many types of plants there were, he showed us a lot of greens, he gave my friends to taste them, my friend Kristine said one tasted like lemon. many people think that picking peaches from a tree is easy, sure it is but your arms get tired alot. I really enjoyed this, I wish we could have stayed longer.

Yessica <3