Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Hey! My name is Luis Sanchez im one of the students of Jenny Hicks for english 101. On April 22 my classmates and I had a field trip to Dockweiler beach to do give back to mother nature by cleaning up the beach. Dockweiler is known for being the dirtiest beach around. I wasnt gonna be surprise if we were gonna find a lot of trash that day. I was pretty excited to clean up the beach because i personally dont like seeing the beach dirty. Me and my family go to beaches and seeing trash around is just not right because little kids could just grab it and play with it or maybe put it inside their mouth. Also seagull and other animals that live in the beach would encounter with the trash. Trash would also go to the ocean and fishes could eat some of the trash and maybe get caught in some trash. Cleaning up the beach was a pretty awesome experience for me because i was doing a favor to mother nature by cleaning up the beach. Me and my class mates had a serious cleaning to do. We found all sorts of things. For example, cans, bottles, diapers, towels, clothes, broken glass, cups, etc. By the end of the day the beach looked better than what it did before we got there. It was a pretty awesome feeling just seeing the beach really clean and parents wont have to worry about their children picking up trash that might do harm to them and maybe eat trash that would make them sick. I would like to clean up the beach next year, it would be great.

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