Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Extra Help Wouldnt Hurt :D

(this shows how close the trash can was from the fire pit)
Hi my name is Carlos Valencia. I ended up going to the Service Learning Project that my Professor Jenny Hicks assigned. I took my sister and bestfriend so that they could be part of this incredible day. That incredible day was Earth Day. Earth Day is the day were we as human beings have to appreciate our earth. We started by walking around seeing where the trash was. Little by little we keep on seeing more and more trash such as plastic bottles, cans, spoons, plates,pair of sandles, some underwear and ect. I wouldnt of thought that the beach would of been this dirty. When I hear the word "beach" i picture something fresh but what was ironic was that the beach was more or less than being fresh. We as a class went to clean up the mess that other human beings didnt throw way. I notice that people that go to the beach are some lazy people. I was upset that human beings couldnt throw way their trash, not even when the trash can was less than 10 feet away. What made me  more upset was that human beings didnt think about where the trash was going to ended up or what it would be hurting. So human beings should think more about where the trash is going to end up. We as human beings should clean up after ourselves. We have to appreciate our EARTH more than anything.                   

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