Monday, April 23, 2012

Make A Difference

My name is Luz Zurita and on April 22nd I made a difference. I participated in cleaning at DockWeiler beach with my classmates. When we arrived I was really ashamed to see all the trash that was left behind by people. I didn't expect to pick up so many trash. We filled up 3 trash bags with glass bottles, plastic caps, cans,plastic bags,tissue paper,aluminum,plastic and much more. We where walking along beside the water and I was shocked to see how much trash was floating in the ocean, which animals confuse it with food. I never payed attention to how much we are harming our enviroment and animals, by not cleaning after ourselves. This activity opened my eyes to see how important it is to keep our enviroment clean not only because it will make the enviroment a better place but there will also be less animals in danger. Im really happy that I was a part of this activity because now I know how important it i's to keep the enviroment clean. I'm going to make a diffrence and start making people aware of our surroundings and I will throw trash where it belongs. Had lots of fun!

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