Monday, April 30, 2012

Elysian Park/LA River Experience.

Elysian Park/LA River experience.  Hello ;D  my name is Candice Alvarez,  I am a student from Ximena Hernandez' English 101 class and as an assignment we had to do a service learning project. We had the option of going to the Dockwelier beach clean up, or the Elysian Park LA river clean up. This Saturday April 27, 2012 my class went to Elysian Park/LA River to pick up as much trash as we could to clean the environment. It seemed as though it was a mission for pretty much the whole class to get to this place, but in the end for myself i can say that it was a pretty good experience. It was such a warm day, many of us were sweating, and the area was muddy and full of trees/plants, but I felt good knowing that i was doing something productive. Let me share with you what exactly we found: mattress springs, seat cushion, shopping carts, chip bags, soda cans, t-shirts, a toy, plastic bags, plastic lids, and creatures(dead and alive). I did not expect to find half of these items there, and it really made me think of how careless we are by throwing our trash on the ground when we are less than 5ft away from a trash can sometimes.We complain when we see it, but ignore the situation when we are the ones doing this. Think about your actions, and throw away your trash, do not just throw it where ever you please. If you have the opportunity to volunteer and/or are assigned to clean a beach, river, park, etc take advantage of the opportunity.

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