Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day

Earth Day
As many may know today is Earth Day April 22, every year we are given a chance to appreciate our planet more and increase awarness of our Natural Environment. I was aware of this day but I never contributed until today. My professor Jennifer Hicks assigned me to participate in the Service Learning Component of the Stretch Composition Program of California State University of Los Angeles. This Service Learning Component consists of two activites but only one is required, the first one which was already completed and the second one that is planned for next week. The first activity was to go to DockWeiler Beach and clean. When I arrived I was completely shocked because there was so much trash everywhere, I was assigned in a group with several classmates and given plastic bags to collect trash. We began at nine and started cleaning until approximately eleven o'clock. We filled several bags of trash and it included papercups, capris-suns, plastic, paper, left over food, clothing and more. We went pretty far throughout the beach and picked up anything we could see. This was sad to see that not many people care about their environment and how it affects our home. I learned that I should get involved in more activities like this and aware peers to do the same. I am also more aware of my surroundings; I am glad that I participated in this acivity and not only can many of you particpate in activites like this but also particpate by not littering and throw trash away in a proper trash can. Overall it was a great and fun experience! Happy Earth Day!
Written by : Michelle Pivaral

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