Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Surrounded by Clean Air.

Gritting’s fellow classmates and bloggers. I am an undergraduate student at California State University Los Angeles. My professor Jenny Hicks gave us the option to participate in one of two activities in a Service Learning Component. The activity that I chose was on April 22nd and took place at DockWeiler Beach and the whole purpose of it was to clean because of Earth Day. Since this wasn’t my first time going to this particular beach I already knew what to expect.  We began to clean up at nine in the morning and approximately finished at eleven o’clock. We were assigned to a group and were giving a plastic bag to put any trash we found along the seashore. My fellow classmates and I filled up several bags with papers, diapers, leftover food, clothes, liter fluid and much more. We filled up more than six bags with trash all the way to the top. It seems that people don’t care about their environment and beaches not only does it affect us but also sets a bad example. I learned a lot from this activity that I should get more involved that way I could try to influence the peers around me to do the same. Of course it isn’t going to happen right away but we could all start by not littering and throwing the trash where it belongs. Overall it was a good experience not only because we picked up trash but because we had a good time doing it. Making a positive change could help the world a lot, give it a try!

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