Monday, November 21, 2011

Beach CleanUp

Hello, this is Andy Martinez. A while back I went to a beach clean up at Dockweiler Beach. It was the earliest i have woke up to do anything since the beginning of school, but anyways it was a very interesting experience. I wasn't expecting the beach to be as dirty as I saw it. There was alot of styrofoam pieces laying around and cigarettes especially on the side close to where people parked. I never really realized how dirty and irresponsible some people can be. I also saw lots of candy wrappers. As I continued my adventure my group and I came across an area where we found Vodka bottle and a Patron bottle and in the surrounding area condoms, these people really got it going. It was very awkward we looked at each other got the bottles and left back where we came from. It was an interesting experience that I think was worth me getting up earlier than ever, for this school year.

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