Monday, November 28, 2011

Heal the Bay clean up

My name is Walter Carrera, and I was one of the many who took place in this fantastic Heal the Bay activity. In this activity many students from Cal State LA went to Dockweiler beach to clean it from all the trash, including me. When I first arrived at the beach I was excited to be there but in my mind I did not think we were going to do very much work because I had never thought that the beach would be really dirty. I was disappointed when I arrived because I saw that the beach really was filthy and damaged from all the trash left there. The students were given gloves and a plastic bag to pick up the pieces of trash on the sand and a note card to keep track of what we picked up most. So my group and I set off to pick up trash and it was surprisingly fun to me to walk around in the sand picking up trash with my friends. Two of the most common found items were cigarette tips and butts, and Styrofoam. Out of everything I found at the beach, the most interesting item I found was a giant metal rod that I am guessing is used for fishing. It was an awesome experience to go and give back to the community by cleaning our beach. Hopefully many other people grow the desire to do the same and keep our California beaches the best in the world.

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