Friday, November 18, 2011

making a change

hey guys, my name is leti and i am a student of CSULA. in my english 101 class, i was told to do an environmental project, which was to go anywhere and pick up trash. when i heard this, at first i didn't want to do it. after seeing the presentation by a person from the heal the bay, something changed my mind about the project. so one day i was walking to the park by my old elementary and saw so much trash. i was shocked to see that. so the next day i when to the park with a trash bag and some gloves to pick that mess. to my surprise, i found some things that can not only hurt the environment but also the children who go to that park. in the photo from left to right i found: plastic bags, plastic chip bags, Styrofoam cups, cigarettes, syringes, lemons, and a tequila bottle. what type of people would leave these things? at least i cleaned up and tried to make a change. hopefully the people who saw me pick up the trash would try to do the same. so to people out there reading this, try to make a change that can save the environment as well as the children. peace and love.. <3

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