Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Heal The Bay

Hi everyone. My name is Azzam Meeralam. I'm a student at Cal. State L.A. In ENG 101 class, we were invited to "Heal the Bay" event. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to participate. I decided to do something else. I went to Del Norte Park to pick up some trash. When I got there, the park was almost empty. I picked up many different kinds of trash, plastics, bags and tree branches. While I was walking around the park, I noticed one big piece of tree branch, so I picked it up and throw it in the garbage container. Also, I picked up some plastics like water bottles and bags.

The cleaning process took about five minutes and I was able to pick up four to five items off the ground. If I stayed longer, I would have picked up more, but because of the sunset I had to stop.
I believe that it is our responsibility to keep our parks and beaches clean and beautiful. And that can be achieved by picking up our trash before we leave these places. It is easy! take a bag with you whenever you go to the beach or to the park.

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