Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Waking up in the early morning I had a nolgastic feeling. A feeling that I have not had in years since I was in elementary. So after I woke up took a shower and got dress. I waited at the bus stop to go to spring and temple because today was the day I was going to dockweiler beach to clean it up. When I got there it was still a long way before the meet up was at. It was a really in the foggy morning at the beach. When I arrive there I saw a group of people there and the leaders were taking the “permission slip” I should say, awhile I was about to give the slip I drop one but did not notice until someone pointed it out for me. When I went were everybody else went to gather the person in the red sweater was giving instructions. here we are getting the supply it was a bag for each group and a check list of what we piked up. I went an group up with my two class mates n friends

they were a lot of seaguls at dockweiler. We latter decided to group with other people. there is someone marking a tally on what we piked up. We were walking up further until we hit the mother load of beach trash we even found half of a watermelon

As we finish we went to look for more thrash we went in to gient rocks to see if there any trash in between them I saw some marine life on the sides of the rocks when there was nothing we left and one of our member started a small fire with an amber later we added more wood that was on the side so we took a break there near the fire because it was cold at the beach soon it was time to go and we left. When we got to the rondevu point (which is where we got our supply) there was not that much trash as I thought

It was a long time since I went to the beach and I had fun.

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