Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Helping The Bay

My name is Sebastian Sotelo and i attended the beach cleanup activity for Dockweiler and it was a fun and good experience. When i first arrived there i saw that it was pretty messy around with trash thrown into the bushes and down the hills and i was also surprised on how people are so careless on how they damage our ecosystem. All that trash that i picked up made me feel great inside because I wasn't only helping the ocean but ourselves in a way because it damages us and eventually we might end up killing ourselves one day if we continue this. I was proud of everyone that went to help clean up because it just feels good doing something for our community and for ourselves. There was one thing though that i still have in mind. If Dockweiler is the cleanest one, from what i saw, I wonder how dirty ones actually look like. It's ridiculous

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