Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dirty Beaches

Ok, my name is Andres Vela, and a few classmates of mine and I participated in the Heal the Bay clean up event at Dockweiler beach on the 23rd of October. It was a great experience and an eye opening event to what goes on right in front of us at the beach. The most notorious piece of trash my group found were plastic and metal bottle caps. I hate bottle caps now. the experience was great, it has inspired me to participate in other Heal the Bay events and related events. My family and I recycle, but that's nothing compared to actually going out there and doing more than whats expected from our part. I learned that we as a group are to blame for the state of our environment, so its is up to us to fix what we've done. we cant get whats made it to the ocean, but we can do everything possible to prevent it from getting worse.

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