Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hello, I am Mauricio Sandoval from Professor Holladay's class

When i arrived on the beach i came to the conclusion that we were going to be here a while. So as i picked up my bag with 3 of my friends and i. We headed toward the bonfire pits and found nothing of trash. So we headed toward the water side and walked all the way north unill we got to this peer looking place. Where it had a skinning bridge to the rocks that lay on the other side. We found many peices of card board and alot of plastic snack bags such as a corn nut bag and a hot cheeto bag. We had some pretty funny expiriences on the way past the peer, one being us chasing a lot of sitting seagals and then panicing over the fact that they might of deficated on us. Once we had decided that the beach had little to no trash left, we headed towards the hill that seperated the highway and the beach. As we were there the first thing we found, which i decided was the most interesting item that we found. was a used condom. Now we didnt just pick it up so easily, we had one guy put on gloves and use one gloves to hold a bag to pick up the condom. i thought that was pretty funny. But in the end i think we had a good time there and it was a pleasure to help out.

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