Monday, November 7, 2011

Cleaning up the beach was a first time experience in my part, as I had started I expected to find the typical trash around the area. A lot of plastic and cigarette buds were among the common. It was an extraordinary experience waking up early morning and heading straight to cleaning up the beach. It was very fun to be quite honest picking up trash and actually doing something for the community. As much of the work was done for a good cause, I hope to be able to participate in future clean-ups with the same people as it tends to be more fun to help out with good people. To this day walking around the streets and finding trash similar to the beach made me see how easily people can not care about the outside world. It doesn't hurt picking up trash here and there, and its only much better being sanitary around your very neighborhood. So far this was a well done job for everyone and I will be doing my part from time to time to help clean-up the streets and beach that we call home.

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