Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Heal the bay: Clean up at Dockweiler beach

Hello, my name is Fidel Canche. On Sunday January 25 2015 I had the pleasure to attend heal the bay with my English 101 class. At first when I heard that we had to attend to this I was not really happy about it since it was on a Sunday and I spend most Sundays just resting, but this past Sunday was an exception. while cleaning up the coast at Dockweiler Beach, I thought there wasn't any trash, but at soon as my group and I started we found many cigarettes butts, plastic wrappers, Styrofoam, and many more other things. All of this trash comes from us humans. We need to care for this because this washes into the ocean and it harms animals. Many animals mistaken these pieces of trash with food and eat them. If we do not act fast soon these marine animals will either die or move some where were they can survive. Cleaning up the coast and realized the good that I made that day made me feel proud of myself. Many more people need to come out and clean up the coast with heal the bay.

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